What Will Happen to Your Dollar Photo Club Account when You Transfer to Adobe Stock

The Dollar Photo Club is a great stock photo website. It provides creative users around the world with millions of images at simple pricing. However, it is unfortunate that it will be closing this April 15, 2016 due to Adobe Stock’s acquisition of the site. After two years of business, the stock photo website will terminate all its services and will transition members to AS on a voluntary basis. So, what will happen to your Dollar Photo Club account when the transfer is completed?

The DPC will be closed in less than a month. By that time, you will no longer have access to your member area or purchase history. You will not be able to update your billing information as well. Your renewals will not be processed anymore and you will not be charged for your payment method in the future. In a word, your Dollar Photo Club account will be closed – permanently. Before that happens, you need to decide whether you want to transfer to Adobe Stock or find a better alternative.

Transferring to Adobe Stock

If you transfer to Adobe Stock, you will get a better and streamlined service with no financial commitment. It is the better option if you have a Creative Cloud account since the two has a deep and direct integration, and if you have several unused image downloads because they will be transferred as well. There is also a special offer to DPC members which will be valid for one year. After one year, unless you cancel, you will be billed at the standard subscription rate of AS.

Once you migrate to Adobe Stock, your Dollar Photo Club account will be permanently closed. Your unused downloads will be automatically transferred to the stock site, ready to license any image you need to fill your creative needs. If you do not migrate, you will not have access to any unused downloads after April 15th.  Of course, there will be pros and cons in transferring to AS. If you wish to stay on budget, you might want to find a better alternative.

Finding a Better Alternative

Currently, the Dollar Photo Club alternative that similar productsis 99 Club. Curated by Stock Photo Secrets, it offers 4 million images plus 80,000 more added every month. Like the DPC, it allows you download images in various sizes from small, medium to XXL – all of which you can download with the highest resolution and royalty-free license. For only $99 per year, you can download up to 200 images with no additional fees or commitment. The image downloads do not expire so you can use the images forever. This makes 99 Club the best alternative for Dollar Photo Club expired members.